Wine IsShoes

Wine IsShoes

The pairing of Druid Hills Pinot Noir
an African-American Wine Owned Wine
By Tanjuria Willis

I cherish the idea of coming home, slipping out of my shoes, pouring a glass of wine to unwind from a busy day.  I have to confess that while I have my favorites, there are times in my work day I drift into thoughts of what new gem will I discover.  Sure, I “kiss frogs” during my exploration; most certainly I encounter both winners and flat out dudes but I appreciate that is part of the process.

In my showroom, eKlozet Consignment Boutique, we offer wine and other beverages to our clients, so when I find a good one, I am so eager to share it with my clients. I get the same charge as if I found a jewel of a fashion piece, I know my clients will lose their minds over.

My passion for wine is only surpassed by my obsession for a great pair of shoes.  So, it donned on me why not combine these two and share that connection with you.

In honor of Black History Month, I wanted to do a tasting with an African American owned wine so I picked up a bottle of Druid Hills Pinot Noir, made in the Lodi Region of California by Alexis George Winery at Total Wine. It has a rich color and a nice fragrant smell so I thought it might have the characteristics of a Cab, however it did not.  You will definitely want it to breath before you take your first sip.  It was lighter than I typically like but smooth.  There was a taste of dark berries on the drink but not much on the finish nor did the taste linger, a little on the dry side and a little acidic.  This wine would work with just about any meats (if you are a carnivore).  As I thought about these characteristics, the shoe that stood out to me was this Ralph Lauren round toe pump. Like the wine, the shoe would work with any style from dress to jeans.  The round toe adds a casualness to the shoes making it a good everyday shoe. It has a nice non-descript heel that blends with the lightness of the wine and it will wear better once broken in… let it breath. Did you like that double entendre?

Summary:  Everyone needs a “go to“ black pump, and these Ralph Lauren shoes are just that.  The heel is thick enough for comfortable walking, and your toes will breath with the roundness at the front.  I shy away from rating wines because like fashion, it is subjective and everyone has different tastes, and take on style.  I kissed the frog (the Pinot Noir) for a second time and, still, no magic for me but I have to admit I am more of full-bodied girl. Perhaps in the near future I will try the Druid Hills Merlot. 

I encourage you to give it a try and let me know what you think. Don’t forget to let me know what shoe you would pair with it.

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