How to spend your time during COVID-19

How to spend your time during COVID-19

I remember when I first heard the term self-distancing, unlike many others I didn’t think much of it.  The truth of the matter is with social media, we practice self-distancing everyday even when we are in the presence of others.  The problem is being told to do so.  With more Coronavirus cases being announced every day, and edicts  to stay home, the question is what to do with our time stuck home.  The timing is perfect to spring clean your closet.  As the owner of eKlozet Designer and Vintage Consignment Boutique, one of my largest services is closet clean-outs.  I help my clients everyday LOVE their closet, whether they enjoy the personal experience of the eKlozet Showroom or I come to their home.  If you don’t love every item in your closet, you are simply utilizing valuable real estate in your closet with stuff that you will probably never wear so why not give someone else a chance to love them the way you once did. 

When cleaning out your closet, knowing the trends of the season will save money if you already have these items that you love in your closet.  Standout spring trends of the season include:

  1. Big collars (tap into your inner Saturday Night Fever)
  2. Crochet (as we look for ways to be more sustainable, this handmade technique is a breath of fresh air)
  3. Short shorts (or as you mom probably called them hot pants)
  4. Neon Colors (if you love the colors of highlighters, incorporate them into your fashions)
  5. Bermuda Shorts (Update the look with a suit jacket…fabulous)
  6. Bra-Top (This look is not for everyone so if it’s not you…pass)
  7. Tiered skirts or dresses (Tap into your inner Carrie Bradshaw)
  8. 60’s/70’s Prints (Remember the psychedelic wallpaper and curtains)
  9. Feathers
  10. Vests (Under or jacket or without…fresh look)
  11. Spring Leather (no longer reserved for fall and winter)
  12. Polka Dots (Great way to add a print)

Identifying the items in your closet you love with this in mind for spring will make it easier as you go through the rest of your closet.  Have a closet fashion show.  Anything in your closet that you that you can’t say that you love without explaining should be donated or consigned.  If you need assistance with cleaning your closet, schedule a closet clean-out session with eKlozet.  During the self-distancing period, we will only schedule video closet clean-outs. When you have cleaned out your closets, then you can shop for new items.  May I suggest shopping previously-loved?  Not only will you save money, you will be a part of the circular economy.  Clean your closet, make money from your closet, conserve the environment and be ready when it’s safe to get out again.

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