What is Style-Spiration?  It is style that inspires your to be your most productive self as told through eKlozet digital magazine.  In this magazine, we will focus on style education, confidence, dressing for your purpose, owning your S#!% and knowing that you are enough. Say it with me... #IAmEnough. 

This is where you learn to get out of your own way when it comes to your style choices.  This magazine will be your friend.  We'll have some fun but we will also have some serious talk.  You may not like everything that we share with you but it will all be out of love.  This magazine is all about positive productivity so we invite you to share your thoughts, struggles and support in the comments.  We only ask that your comments be supportive.  Any comments that are deemed to be malicious will be removed.  With that said, do you know your 

Let's start with me:  Who Am I?  I am the owner of eKlozet Authenticated Luxury Consignment Boutique, Over 40, Wife and Mom who loves to rock my natural hair simply because it's mine.  I am a connoisseur of fashion but more importantly I am a lover of style because style is about your individuality and defines who you are.  I believe that you should love everything that hangs in your closet because it will translate in your energy.

My Favorite Movie:  Devil Wears Prada and Love Jones


My Favorite Designer:  It changes but right now I’m loving Tom Ford.  He designs with femininity in mind.

My First Designer Purchase:  A Pair of Gucci High Heeled Sandals

The Thing You May Not Know:  I ride motorcycles.  I used to ride a Harley Davidson 1200 Sportster motorcycle.  I was the only girl in the bike club I rode with.  I miss my bike and plan to get another one soon.

Pet-Peeve:  When people tell you to 'Be Authentic' on Social Media when they are not authentic.  Most become whatever character will get them more likes and followers passing it off as being authentic. #betruetoyourself

Advice:  Get in touch with the way your clothes make you feel!

Can't wait to get to know you and get your input as we build this community.  I am excited about the journey we are about to embark.  Tell me a bit about yourself yourself in the comments and include any topics you would like to discuss.  #eKlozetCommunity

Fashionable Yours,


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