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Wine IsShoes: The Perfect Pair

Cole Haan Suede and Leather Sneakers Front - eKlozet Luxury Boutique

I have been wanted to pair sneakers for a long time but just had not found the right wine to pair.  Well I am excited to say that all changed when I tasted this 2017 Cline Old Vine Zinfandel. Why yes, I would love to share the reason why with you but let me first share my feelings about sneakers.  For so long sneakers have gotten a bad rep, relegated to sports and athletics.  It is true, they were made for that purpose however they are so much more.  However, until commuters started wearing them to and from work, they were largely ignored by everyone except the folks we so lovingly call sneaker heads.

Cole Haan Suede and Leather Sneakers Side - eKlozet Luxury Boutique

Many are designing sneakers with fashion and style in mind. That’s why I love these Cole Haan patent leather and suede sneakers and paired them with the Cline Old Vine Zinfandel.  These shoes are very light weight which match up very well with this light bodied Zinfandel with tastes of strawberries, plum and cherries.  These shoes don’t make a grand entrance, but will be remembered later just as the wine has taste that lingers on the finish.  The oxford style of the shoes makes it very easy to go from shorts to suit without compromising style.  

Trust me, you want to have these in your closet and this Zinfandel in your wine collection.  They are very consistent and my Go-To pick of the season.  They are both perfect for everyday enjoyment. 

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