Wine IsShoes: To Stand Alone or Not

Wine IsShoes: To Stand Alone or Not

I have never been considered a girly girl.  Even when I found out I was having a daughter; I designed everything in grey and silver.  However, when it comes to style and wine, I love things that stand on their own.   For this pairing I chose the Guess Floral Pumps with the Ropiteau Rosé de Pinot Noir for that very reason. 

 Guess Floral Pumps - eKlozet Luxury Consignment

The yellow floral Guess pumps are full of life with a yellow base and floral print throughout perfect for spring and summer which is what you get from this Pinot Noir Rosé.  Just in case you were wondering, Pinot Noir Rosé is a blend between Pinot Noir and Rosé but back to the shoes.  These shoes have an energy that will have a lasting effect on your total look and will definitely be noticed.  The classy pointed toe style of these shoes is vivacious just like the clean, crisp fruity taste of this Rosé.

Guess Floral Pumps - eKlozet Luxury Pumps


One of the things I look for in a pair of shoes is its ability to step up my look.  I love a pair of shoes that can change the look of a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt but could also add flare to a more ready to wear look.  As I stated in my opening, I love things that stand on their own.  Two of those things are these Guess Floral Pumps and this 2018 Ropiteau Rosé de Pinot Noir.  The shoes just like the wine can be enjoyed by themselves or can be the perfect accompaniment.  Whatever you fancy, you need both in your life today.


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