L.K. Bennett Sandals Shoes and Slow Press Wine

Wine IsShoes: The Way to Leave an Impression


L.K. Bennett Sandals and Slow Press Wine

As the weather gets warmer, pedicures become more than just maintenance.  They become a priority.  It is time to break out those open toe shoes that shows off a bit of that personality…or maybe that’s just me.  So, when I saw these L.K. Bennett high heel sandals I was in heaven and I knew the 2017 Slow Press Cabernet Sauvignon would be the perfect wine to pair with them. 


These shoes appear on surface very minimal which is very much what you get from this wine as it is on the lighter side however, neither the shoe nor the wind skimp on style.  The absence of an ankle strap adds just enough interest to make this shoe one of my sexy picks of the season just as smell of the spices and dark berries make you want to sip this wine. 


The taste of oak and chocolate gives this wine character which doesn’t fall flat at the end. It has swag, like the ruffle heel strap on the back of the shoes.  Don’t let either the twist cap or the single strap across the front of the shoe fool you.  They both leave a lasting impression.

L.K. Bennett Shoes available at eKlozet.com


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