Wine IsShoes: Bourbon and Boots

Wine IsShoes: Bourbon and Boots

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I’ve always felt indifferent about Cowboy boots. Maybe because they are not prominent in style magazines or possibly because they were always stereotyped as only being worn in some country barn doing a line dance. Then, I saw these Michael Kors pony hair boots that are the perfect statement piece much like the wine that I paired with them. 

Michael Kors Cowboots

When you think of cowboy boots, you sometimes get the perception of them being heavy.  That’s the same thought I had about the bottle of the 2018 Buck Shack Zinfandel Aged in Bourbon Barrels.  The bottle suggests bold and heavy; however, it is more of a medium body wine with a peppery smell on the first sniff followed by berries, wood smoke and the taste of bourbon. If you are looking for a wine that is very smooth, rich, light on the front end with a lingering taste at the end; giving it a robust flavor profile this is the one to try.  Shop this pair of boots here if you are looking for a smooth pair of boots that will definitely create a statement to your outfit.

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