Wine IsShoes: Step into the Magic

Wine IsShoes: Step into the Magic

eKlozet Wine IsShoes Blog: A shoe and Wine Pairing


Most of us have been out of heels for the past year, so it is perfect that the kitten heel has made a return for 2021. Why, you ask?  Because they are like wearing training wheels before we step head first back into high heels.   I love these Prada Slingback Kitten Heels because they have the ability to pull double duty as both flats and higher heels similar to my wine pick this week. 

Prada Kitten Heels - eKlozet Designer Consignment

Black Girl Magic Red Blend can be an everyday wine or paired with a nice steak which is great for new wine drinkers.  Kitten heels were considered questionable due to such a tiny elevation which is the same reaction that you will have with the first taste this red blend until it has had a chance to breathe. After which it is pretty smooth, with the smell of pepper, spice and black cherry.  These Prada slingback kitten heels has the elegance of a higher heel but is far more comfortable and easier to walk in than high heels.  A very classy and smooth looking shoe which is just like this wine.   You will definitely enjoy both of these. Shop Prada Slingback Kitten Heels today.

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