WineIsShoes:  The Smooth Operator

WineIsShoes: The Smooth Operator

It was July 10, 2011 and I was told to pack a bag we are going on a trip.  When we arrived at the airport, I was more confused than ever to see the destination was Cleveland, OH but I went along.  Imagine my surprise when we wound up front row at the Sade concert and I had the opportunity to watch Sade sing Smooth Operator, which is one of my favorite songs, with ease, elegance and sophistication.  I know what you are thinking...What does this have to do with wine and shoes?  Well, let me introduce you to this week’s pairing. 

Meet the beautiful Ralph Lauren Purple Label LuLu Cap-Toe Pumps (Available for $115.99) and its amazing counterpart 2018 Firebrand Reserve Chardonnay perfect for this time of year when the weather is warm enough but still has a crisp coolness.  This classic shoe is the epitome of style with a balance of femininity and strength.  The smooth blush suede lends itself to the muted Bouquet of light florals that I taste in this wine.  It is a full-bodied creamy chardonnay with notes oak, vanilla and citrus with very bold tastes representative of the leather detail at the toe and heel of these pumps.  I am not a beer drinker, but if you are, the finish will feel like home.

Whether you wear these shoes casually with jeans or with business attire, with these pumps you walk into a room confident and in control with grace and elegance. When you wear these shoes and not only will you be a Smooth Operator but it will become your theme song and mantra.

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