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Wine IsShoes: The Power of Jimmy Choo

Wine IsShoes Jimmy Choo eKlozet Designer Consignment

I’ve always felt women who had the confidence to wear white shoes garnered a sense of power to style them the correct way, however this pair of Jimmy Choo Sandals does all of the work for you.  They are stylish and sexy, and will make any outfit look good which is why I chose to pair them with this 2019 Josh Chardonnay.  Let’s start with the bottle…can you say, minimalist sexy? Followed by powerful yet smooth front notes, faint bubbles and citrus essences. It has a lingering effect that is pleasing to the palate well after swallow just like when this Jimmy Choo walks past and you still remember after it’s gone.

Jimmy Choo Side Profile | eKlozet Designer Consignment

The secret sauce in this shoe is the patent leather, which makes the white a bit less stark and gives it a classiness similar to the wine bottle. This chardonnay is almost ember in color, which offers an impression the wine is richer than its price point, making it perfect to pair with a higher end designer shoe like this one.

They both have the right amount of sweet and chic that is complimentary versus overpowering.  They are clean, refreshing and like anybody with great style…smooth.  You can’t miss with Jimmy Choo white patent sandal nor this chardonnay.

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