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Marc Jacobs Platform Heels and K Vine Wine

Remember the song by Cyndi Lauper, ‘Girls Just Want to Have Fun’.  That’s my feeling about this pairing.  Typically, I don’t choose wines and shoes that are similar in color.  It has always seemed a bit predictable to me however if the shoes fit… These Marc Jacobs platform sandals are so perfect for this pairing.  The salmon color of the shoes is almost the exact color of the K Vine Syrah Rosé wine.  If you weren’t aware, K Vine is Costco’s newest collaboration with Washington State winemaker Charles Smith.  The fun starts with the fruity bouquet of this affordable Syrah Rosé which offers up notes of strawberries and bubblegum taking me back to my Hubba Bubba gum days.  This initial impression is followed by the crisp and refreshing taste of strawberries, watermelon, lime and papaya.  It’s not too sweet but it is very tasty with a clean finish that if you are not careful, you will consume quickly and want back to back to back glasses.

This pairing of the K Vine Syrah Rosé wine and shoes is fashionably simple.  The simple sequins added to the shoes render these Marc Jacobs heels perfect and complimentary to your cuteness game.  The block heels make it perfect for an outdoor lawn party if you don’t want your heels that sink in the grass.  This bottle of K-Vine Syrah Rosé and these Marc Jacobs heels pair well and offer a killer look…in a simple way.  Stay stylish and drink responsibly.

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